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lyndonbjohnsoncenterCAUSES OF BLINDNESS
Diabetes related eye diseases are major causes of blindness in South Pacific Islands. There is an explosion of type II diabetes amongst polynesians. In American Samoa, prevelance rate for diabetes is 25-30%.

Respective Governments, NGOs and funding agencies are not prepared to combat against these problems. Resources are scare/limited due to the remoteness of their locations and blinding situations are getting worse.

We have interest in the following for development of more effective blindess prevention programs:

1.  Volunteers for help in all areas of eyecare in the south pacific islands

2.  Funding for vital programs and equipment.

3.  Training for our trainers and trainees in techniques and more.

We do have facilities for screening, diagnosis and treatment on many of the islands.


Your discussion, comments, volunteering and support are warmly welcome.


submitted by:

Dr. Ernest Than Tun Oo


Chief of Ophthalmology Services at LBJ Tropical Medical Center

American Samoa


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