Global ophthalmology Seminar - How to get Involved as a Team

Start: 15th June 2018 Type: Seminar Description: Globally, there are 37 million people blind. 80% of this blindness is avoidable. Major efforts have been undertaken in the past 20 years to tackle this burden of blindness and vision impairment throughout the world. The UK has a strong and long history of partnership, skills-sharing, capacity-development, and research in blindness prevention throughout the globe. This Global Ophthalmology Seminar draws on the experience and expertise of a wide range of International and UK speakers. The main aim is to not only address major updates on primary causes of blindness and vision impairment in the world; but to also explore ‘How to get involved, as a team’: in-depth, responsibly, and sustainably.
Max Places: 60
Venue: Royal College of Ophthalmologists Programme: Click here to open. CPD Points: 6.5 Fees: Consultant - £215.00 Fellow, Member, Affiliate or Diplomate - £180.00 Allied health professional - £155.00 Trainee - £155.00 MORE INFO

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