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A Big Change Coming for Nicodemas-6 year old Kenyan boy

Nicodemas beforeNicodemas is a young, Kenyan boy who has seen life through the dark lens of blindness ever since he was born. Ironically, he has a twin brother, Jeremy, who never suffered from cataracts like little Nicodemas. School was agony for Nicodemas as he saw his brother achieve while he struggled. The teachers in the village school gave up on him. Living in such a remote place, Nicodemas' dad sought help, but lost hope since he had no money, working as a mason. They were living on mere pennies, and could never fathom being able to fix something so drastic. To make matters worse, the mother left the family when the boys were still quite young, leaving the dad to raise the children and provide for them. In desperation, the dad came with his family to Mombasa, in search for opportunities to make a better life for his children.

     It was during playtime with the neighbor's children that someone realized Nicodemas' eyes had white spots and his eyes drifting inwards. The children laughed at him and were slowly chipping away at his self-esteem. They told the father in the evening, but he still had no idea how he would ever be able to find help that he could afford. One of his friends told him about Lighthouse for Christ Eye Center, and he took young Nicodemas the very next day. They were amazed at how well they were received. They felt peace because they felt understood for the first time, and the chaplain said a prayer for them. They were so thankful.

     After a visit with the consultant, a cataract operation was recommended, followed by a squint operation. Immediately, the hopeless feeling came  back, as they were overwhelmed by the impending cost of such surgeries. They were then informed that there are many generous people who extend a  helping hand to those who can't afford much needed and necessary eye care. He experienced a miracle. "God lives!" were the words he exclaimed upon hearing that his son would actually be able to get help.

     The cataract surgery on both eyes was successful, and his smile brightened the darkened corners of the father's heart.

     When the pediatric team from the US came in January to do the squints operations, he had his second surgery and "he emerged as one of the most successful surgeries of the time," according to Dr. Lieberman. He was now going to enjoy a life of good vision!

     Nicodemas has moved back to the village with his dad and brother, and is now doing very well in school. His life has changed. He looks forward to catching up with his brother. His father is just thankful that now his son can see when he couldn't before. He gives the glory to God. He wants to thank everyone who took part in saving his son's eyes, and now understands that all lives are worth saving, including his, and now he rests in the hope of the Father who truly cares.  

Nicodemas after

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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