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Although I would not recommend using expired drops in the States or if other choices are available, I have used expired eye drops in many eye situations in many countries over many years. I have never had a problem using expired drops. Off the record, most drug representatives will acknowledge that the drug life for drops is at least two more years than the stated expiration date. 


What happens eventually is the drops might loss some of their effectiveness but  really do not turn into sulfuric acid or some other toxic solution. An topical antibiotic that is only 90% effective is still much better than nothing. I have used expired drops in my daughter's eye.

What I usually do is to use a felt pen and to write across the exp. date the # of times I want the patient to use the drops per day. See the attachment. This works for me and avoids any misunderstanding with the patient.                                                                                 Peace, Baxter


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